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3 Winning Social Media Strategies for South African Car Dealers

Many car shoppers are now turning to social media to begin their buying journeys. There are vast amounts of information customers can gather from social media, from basic contact information to recommendations.

It is evident that social media is playing an increasingly important role in the purchase decisions of car buyers, and dealerships must respond to this shift. With recommendations and instant availability of information massively impacting car purchases, dealerships can leverage social media to improve their sales figures.

1. Facebook Advertising for Your Dealership

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world (over 2 billion users) and in South Africa (over 29 million users), so it’s a good bet that your target audience are on Facebook. Facebook has extremely accurate targeting options which would allow you to dive into the timelines of your target audience.

Moreover, Facebook has several different advertising objectives and formats to best suite your dealerships current objectives. Objectives range from; lead generation, awareness, website traffic and much more. The advertising formats include; videos, images, slideshows and interactive dynamic layouts which can be delivered in single posts or carousels.

This is only scratching the surface of what Facebook can do for your dealership, so it might be a good idea to look at Facebook advertising to leverage social media and increase your dealerships sales.

2. Instagram Stories for Your Dealership

With 6.8 Million users in South Africa, Instagram is a social media titan. Instagram has a relatively young user base and has superseded Snap Chat as the king of stories. Stories were originally developed by Snap Chat and are short videos or photos that last a maximum of 24 hours.

Instagram’s stories are a great place for your dealership to connect with its customers by posting stories of staff, happy customers or promotions. Using this strategy will give your dealership a more personal and trusting image.

Instagram has enabled a function called highlights, which are albums where selected stories are kept after the 24-hour period. This could be a great way to display your inventory to your Instagram followers.

3. YouTube Videos for Your Dealership

YouTube is the go-to platform for reviews and recommendations from sources other than the buyer’s family and friends. Therefore, YouTube is a great place to capture potential customers who are actively looking for information on which car to purchase. Your dealership could post comparison videos on vehicles you are currently stocking, or other kinds of information packed videos. You are also able to capture this information seeking audience through targeted advertisements on YouTube and Google.

Social media marketing for car dealerships in South Africa can be challenging, so if you are ever looking for a partner to help you through the process don’t hesitate to give R-E-D a call!

26 January 2021

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